If you are not familiar with the PunBB.INFO extensions, we strongly recommend that you read the annotation for each extension. Do not download and install them all in a row. Use only those that you really need.

Pan Downloads

pan_downloads v.0.3.2

Distribute files on a separate page.

Pan Drafts

pan_drafts v.

Allows logged in users to save their new message as a draft when they can't post it right away.

Pan Encryptor

pan_encryptor v.0.3.3

Encrypts and decrypts messages on the forum on the entered secret key.

Pan External Links

pan_external_links v.0.5.1

(pan_external_links) - Extension for automatic redirection of external links through an intermediate window.

Pan Extplorer

pan_extplorer v.2.1.7

(Pan eXtplorer) - Файловый менеджер для управления файлами форума и сайта.

Pan Fading Pages

pan_fading_pages v.0.2.1

(pan_fade_page) - Fading Pages on Forum.

Pan Fancy Box

pan_fancy_box v.1.0

Processing and comfortable viewing of any images.

Pan Fast Entry

pan_fast_entry v.0.2.2

(pan_fast_entry) Fast sign in using social networks to forum PunBB.

Pan Field Auto Resizer

pan_field_auto_resizer v.1.1

When the text does not fit in the text input field, the script automatically expands this field in height.

Pan Font Awesome

pan_font_awesome v.1.0

Подключение иконочного шрифта Font Awesome (4.7.0)

Pan Framework

pan_framework v.0.1.8

(pan_framework) - A set of useful functions for working with extensions PunBB.

Pan Generated Avatars

pan_generated_avatars v.0.4.1

(pan_generated_avatars) - Generated Avatars on Registered

Pan Google Translate

pan_google_translate v.2.02

Google Translator on your forum.

Pan Group Icons

pan_group_icons v.0.1

(pan_group_icons) - Иконки и статусы групп пользователей

Pan Header In Each Message

pan_header_in_each_message v.0.5.2

(pan_header_in_each_message) - Adds a field to enter an individual title for each message.

Pan Highlight

pan_highlight v.0.2

(pan_highlight) - Adds a tag [colour] to highlight text in a specific color.

Pan Hotkeys

pan_hotkeys v.1.1

Hotkeys buttons

Pan Html In Posts

pan_html_in_posts v.0.4

Added HTML tags in posts.

Pan Icons

pan_icons v.

(pan_icons) - Custom Icons Forums and Categories On Index Page

Pan Ignore Users

pan_ignore_users v.0.3

(pan_ignore_users) - Ban List For Users

Pan Image Migration

pan_image_migration v.0.5

(pan_image_migration) - The PunBB Migration of Images from others uploaders on Pan Uploader.

Pan Image Wrapper

pan_image_wrapper v.0.1

Wrapper bare links into images with hashtags to show them in messages.

Pan IP Geolocation

pan_ip_geolocation v.1.5

Displays IP Geolocation (to Administrators only) in user profiles

Pan Jivosite

pan_jivosite v.0.1

(pan_jivosite) - JivoSite as online consultation and support.

Pan Last Post Info

pan_last_post_info v.0.9

It shows on the main page of the forum name of the latest topics, date and avatar poster.

Pan Last Visits of Users

pan_last_visits_users v.0.4

Show last visits of users on index page.

Pan Likes

pan_likes v.0.3.2

(pan_likes) - Counts the messages you like and displays their full number in the user's profile.

Pan Login Form

pan_login_form v.0.3

Authorization form on all pages

Pan Login Via Email

pan_login_via_email v.0.1

(pan_login_via_email) - It allows users to go to the forum using their email address.

Pan Manage Extensions

pan_manage_extensions v.1.5.4

(pan_manage_extensions) - Управление расширениями.

Pan Menu Manager

pan_menu_manager v.0.3

Setting the location of the main menu items.

Pan Merge Posts

pan_merge_posts v.0.6.6

This extension combines user messages in silent mode.

Pan Meta Color

pan_meta_color v.0.2

(pan_meta_color) - Add Meta Tag name="theme-color"

Pan Mobile

pan_mobile v.0.4.8

Add Styles Mobile On Forum

Pan Moderator

pan_moderator v.0.7.5

(pan_moderator) - Allows you to moderate the names of the authors of posts, post the date and date of registration.

Pan Moving Logo

pan_moving_logo v.0.2.0

(pan_moving_logo) - Added Moving Logo In Header

Pan Msg Before Send

pan_msg_before_send v.0.1.1

(pan_msg_before_send) - Notification of new messages before sending a message.

Pan Multigroups

pan_multigroups v.0.3

(pan_multigroups) - Multi Groups for Users

Pan Next Previous

pan_next_previous v.0.2

(pan_next_previous) - It shows the bottom of the page link to the Previous and Next Topics

Pan Nick To Form

pan_nick_to_form v.0.1.3

Quick Citation and "Appeal" to the user

Pan Notify

pan_notify v.0.4.5

Notifications of new messages, active topics, unread messages and personal in a beautiful circles.

Pan Om Warnings

pan_om_warnings v.0.1

(pan_om_warnings) - Warnings in UserInfo.

Pan Page Of Post

pan_page_of_post v.0.2.3

(pan_page_of_post) - Opens messages on separate pages.

Pan Pages Caching

pan_pages_caching v.0.01

(pan_pages_caching) - Кеширование страниц форума для моментальной загрузки страниц.

Pan PDF Viewer

pan_pdf_viewer v.0.1.2

Document viewer in PDF format directly in the messages.

Pan Period Of Time

pan_period_of_time v.0.3.4

pan_period_of_time - Период времени.

Pan Pm

pan_pm v.0.2.7

(pan_pm) - Allows users to exchange private messages.

Pan PM Email

pan_pun_pm_email v.2.2

An addon to the PunPM extension that was created by the PunBB Dev Team

Pan Pm Notify

pan_pm_notify v.0.5

(pan_pm_notify) - It shows a wonderful pop-up window with the arrival of new drugs

Pan Posting

panbb_posting v.0.7.7

panbb_posting - Planned and Activate post and topics.