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Here it is.


Yes, of course, you can post it in this topic. Thanks!


Well thank you all the same.
Do you want the French file ?


@MaraKat, Yes, you are right, this extension is not optimized for SQLite db.


Hello ! Sorry for been unpolite, I had not seen there was a new answer by Sempai.
I tried this version, open to guests. But there seems to be a problem (maybe because I use sqlite3) Or is it because I connect to the site with the same IP, even if it is with an other browser) ?
I cannot specify the max number of answers when I create the poll, for I get a warning when I enter anything in the box. If I leave the box empty, the poll is correctly displayed, but after a first vote, the poll is ended : the result is displayed and no one else can vote.

I get also error messages on admin side :

Where can I post the French lang file for this version of pun_poll ? Nearly the same as the other one, just some additionnal lines that I translated.


@PunBB, done!  PunBB_INFO_ICQ/thumbsup


@sempai, great job! Could you like create new topic for this extension because we don't have it on our forum. Thx u so mch!


@MaraKat, A long time ago, I did such a thing for myself. Used the original Pun Poll as a donor. Please note, I did not check the performance on the SQLite db.


Thank you my friend ! I understand now it's too difficult.


For it need create new table for identification unregistered users by IP. But this is not the best solution, because in this case even bots are allowed to vote.
Then the survey will not be so in reality. It will be necessary to include a valid check, such as rekaptcha, so that only real visitors could vote.

It will take a lot of work, I don't think it's worth it. I advised you to display a quick authorization form using social networks next to the poll or below of votes form.


Hello !
Is there a way to make polls open to non-connected visitors ? They cannot even see it.
Here is where i posted a poll :
Any advice ?

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