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Всем привет, делаю новый дизайн и решил что бы не закидывать этот стиль - выложить сюда, может кому пригодиться.


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Re: Reborn Project Style v2

It looks good, maybe consider making a few extra colour schemes for this theme. The background colours and such go quite nicely together, that's for sure PunBB_INFO_ICQ/smile

Might try to make two variants of this theme myself and release them, though my artistic ability (not referring to CSS skill, rather actually making something look aestheticaly good) is something that I lack polish in.

Specifically the variants I'd make are, a soft light green, and a soft light purple - mainly because those colours fit me and the forum I started using PanBB!

(to staff: if I've broken any rules by not using Russian-language, please PM me. I'm native English, don't know other languages other than English, though it seems Google is handling the translations of posted content here well enough for it to be readable and easily interpreted by me)



Re: Reborn Project Style v2

@squishykoishi, you good! We will waiting for your themes  PunBB_INFO_ICQ/dance

When you done, you can create new topic for each theme. Good like! PunBB_INFO_ICQ/thumbsup


Re: Reborn Project Style v2

Any kind of documentation worth reading for theme creation/etc for the software that you could point me to? PunBB_INFO_ICQ/smile

Glad to hear your support. I'll try and come up with something soon, no promises though as I have a few things to do over the week as I do (college etc)!  PunBB_INFO_ICQ/blush