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Though of course majority speak Russian here it'd be pretty neat to see an English version. Sure, there's Google Translate but that isn't really perfect for every translation into another language, some languages do get handled fine but others are pretty poorly done from what I heard.

Plus not everyone wants to have to translate every page...

I think also if we do have an English-language subdomain or section it may help boost strongly the development and activity, I'd sure be willing to see it happen. While the forum software is probably not going to overtake say, phpBB or MyBB it'd be nice to see further developments made and more widespread interest of course.

PunBB fills the niche of working almost everywhere and 'keeping it simple' as opposed to being bloated right out of the box with no real need to be. And I said earlier, I'd be extremely willing to donate to this project, PunBB in the modern age is just mind-blowingly nice!

Any thoughts on something like this? Even if it becomes a separate board that isn't really affiliated with the PanBB development it would be a pretty neat thing for publicity and overall growth. PunBB_INFO_ICQ/blum



Re: English-language forum or section?

PunBB_INFO_ICQ/thumbsup We mainly support punbb as it is for compatibility with newer versions of php.

There are not many people on our forum, especially in English. In any case, the basic information is here. I do not want to establish a lot of rules, we have free communication here within reason.

Although, if you are ready to manage a subdomain, then I can create it for English-speaking users PunBB_INFO_ICQ/ok , because I do not know English very well.  PunBB_INFO_ICQ/pardon


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I suppose. :3 And yeah, it's good to see you generally keep things free to talk about. Not many "development" forums are like that, so that already is a positive thing I can say PunBB_INFO_ICQ/smile

As for the subdomain thing, I'd definitely consider it if I become a regular contributor and helper to the existing forum. It's not something I would want to take on board just after joining a community here, but I appreciate the thought put into it. ^^

(As a UK native here, your English actually reads really naturally and is pretty good, in my opinion! :3)


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Sometimes I use vocabulary, sometimes I use google translator, if the sentence is difficult to form.

Ok. When I find time on this week I will do it.
Ill notify you  PunBB_INFO_ICQ/cool



Re: English-language forum or section?


I'm also tempted to post this project over at other places if you don't mind - specifically The Admin Zone and ForumPromotion.net, to see if any interest appears. A friend of mine (Ravenfreak) also is quite fond of PunBB and appreciates your work, he joined my forum and said it looks pretty neat PunBB_INFO_ICQ/smile


Re: English-language forum or section?

Yes of course. You can do it.