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Topic: Problem With moderate.php

I moved my site to another host and now the options for stick, move or close returns a blank page. Everthing else works perfectly except the moderation options.

How do I fix this, please?

PHP Version 7.3.14-dev
MySQL Improved 10.3.21


Re: Problem With moderate.php

@hirohirosam, what do you mean return to blank page?
What is it Blank Page? PunBB_INFO_ICQ/scratch


Re: Problem With moderate.php

A literally blank page with no info.

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Re: Problem With moderate.php

First, please turn on debug pho in config.php. It helps see errors. Then make you screenshot and show here.

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Re: Problem With moderate.php

It didn't show anything again. It happens when I click in any moderation option related with the "moderate.php" page.

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Re: Problem With moderate.php

If you see white page you need turn on debug in config.php. And see Log.php file its should be contents errors.
If you understand nothing ask please your host provider.


Re: Problem With moderate.php

I solve it already, I forgot to use the chmod, sorry. You can close this topic. Default/ah