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Hello !
Do you know a way to modify the display of certain images and not others ? I want to frame some pictures, to put 2 pictures side by side and so on... More generally, is it possible to modify the source code of a message ?
I am looking too for a tip or a trick to put a title tag on links or images. Where should I modify a file to do so ?

I am using BBcode with Pan-uploader (legacy version !) and also Keditor, bu it does not do a correct job, sometimes writing the name of the tags in plain text instead of making them work.

I tried Sceditor new version, but I was not able to install it correctly on a sqlite3 forum. I get lots of error messages and ea blank page below.



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FancyBox, you did not try it to solve the problem?

What were the errors in Pan Sceditor? Write please.


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Thanks for FancyBox and Image preview, I did not know about them. It is interesting and makes images more attractive, even if it was not what I was looking for exactly. I will give you the French lang file.

For Pan SCeditor, the error messages came from an other extension (Header in each message), where the French lang file had not been updated. I will give you the French lang file, as well as the English one, if I may, because I think your English translation was not correct. When coders modify the lang files, can I be warned so that I can modify the French language, please ?

Pan sceditor is near to perfect. Here is my test : http://katryne.legtux.org/agora/post/58/#p58
I met the following problems :
smileys and tables cannot be included properly : the code is displayed as such and not interpretated.
And most important to me , With Pan SCeditor, I cannot use Pan_uploader for any version : 0.3., 0.3.9, 0.4.9. It juste does do anything.


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I cannot find where to post my translations (new for French and modified for English) of the extension pan_header_in_each_message.
So I post it here.
panheaderineachmessage.zip  1.2 Kb  (39)


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Yes, this is my problem. I only this year began to learn English, and before that I always used Google Translator. I hope that soon I will speak in pure American   PunBB_INFO_ICQ/jokingly
So while I'm learning, help me with the translation into English.

Unfortunately we have a lot of work and I do not have time to improve the visual editor. But we are aware of this problem and will soon find the right solution.

When I add a new line to a French file, I write it in English. But sometimes I can forget about that.  PunBB_INFO_ICQ/blush
I will try to warn you about the changes in the French files.

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Thx to you!  PunBB_INFO_ICQ/thumbsup
I will download it and update later.