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Topic: Oxygen_Right_To_Left style for RTL standard (Hebrew, Arabic, etc.)

Style the Oxygen_Right_To_Left written for RTL standard. If you want to create a forum in Hebrew, Arabic or similar languages, then this style is just what you need! Please, do not delete default style Oxygen.

https://punbb.info/uploads/images/2017/10/3e90929ca6db859ba04a23f451ffc036.png https://punbb.info/uploads/images/2017/10/4d47c73422e7b12cf40eb1fadd657d84.png

After installation of style, select him in Main options and in his Profile.

So, if the site you work with should be displayed in Hebrew, Arabic, or other rare languages with a letter from right to left, you need the site to support RTL standards. And, probably, you will need simultaneous support for RTL and LTR - for example, support for English and Hebrew.

Download style  Oxygen_Right_To_Left