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Hello !
Do you know about a way to send a newsletter with the last post marked as info.
or selected one by one ...
Or with the lastpost entered in the RSS thread ...


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More in detail please.


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Thank you for taking time to answer.

Look at my site.

Here are messages that I marked as Info (information, news ...) : http://revest.legtux.org/misc.php?action=news This is done with your wonderful extension Forum news.

When I display this page, I can click on the rss icon and the rss thread for News on my site is displayed like that :
http://revest.legtux.org/extern.php?act … p;type=rss

This Rss page would build a nice newsletter, even if its look needs to be beautified. (with a little CSS ...)

I am looking for a way to send a newsletter made directly with this RSS page of forum news, in 2 different ways :
1/ automatically from the site to the list of newsletter subscribers (a form to subscribe should be available on the site, and the list must be managed from the administration panel)
2/ a mailto command from the administration panel would open my webmail/mail software creating a mail built with the nice newsletter created from the last 5 or 10 messages listed in the rss thread. And then, I can choose the recipients from the list in my addressbook

To select the items to be published in the newsletter, an other way would be for the webmaster to notch a box below each message he chooses to send as newsletter.

Do you  need more explainations ?


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Do you want to display a list of new topics on the site? and you also want to send the newsletter to an email?

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For the list of new topics, I think it can be done with widgets.
The new feature is to build a email and send it with new topics that I choose.

If sending the newsletter is difficult, a first step is to build the newsletter, and then the webmaster can copy it and send it to anybody he wants.